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  Founded in 1972, Zepco Sales & Service, Inc., is a privately-held corporation located in Richardson, Texas (a suburb of Dallas). Zepco offers a full line of fleet management tools to meet the needs of any size fleet operating in any environment. Our products include GPS tracking devices, mobile digital video recorders, rearview backup camera systems, “black box” event data recorders and tachographs.

Zepco is one of the oldest and best known tachograph and event data recorder sales and service operations in the United States. Zepco is the exclusive U.S. marketing and distribution source for Veeder-Root Electronic tachographs, tachograph charts and support hardware. Zepco has supported the Veeder-Root tachograph line since introducing the instrument to the U.S. market in 1980. In addition to the Veeder-Root line, Zepco sells and services devices from Kienzle (Argo) and Service Recorder.

In 1992, Zepco developed the ZTR9200™, the first “On-Board” vehicle trip computer that utilized Microsoft Windows™. The ZTR9200™ computer can record any analog or digital electrical sensor on a vehicle, including speed, RPM, brakes, turn signals, door sensors, etc. The ZTR9200™ computer allows the user to program WHAT an “event” is (such as speeding or over-idling) and records WHEN each “event” occurs. As a Windows™-based application, the ZTR9200™ software package produces easy to understand management reports to monitor how and when drivers are operating vehicles.

In 2000, Zepco expanded its fleet product line to include Mobile Digital Video Recorders (DVR) and Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) recorders. We offer state-of-the art DVRs which can record video with 1 camera or up to 8 cameras simultaneously. The Zepco GPS product line includes both passive devices AND ‘realtime’ devices…users without an immediate need-to-know can retrieve data from the passive units when the vehicle returns. In fleets with more immediate needs, vehicle locations can be transmitted either via 2-way radio networks (no monthly airtime charges!) or via the cellular network at very affordable monthly airtime rates.

In 2008, Zepco introduced a rearview camera system allowing fleet operators the ability to see what is going on behind their vehicles. These systems provide the operator an actual view behind the vehicle through an LCD monitor in the vehicle cab. If needed, the fleet may be equipped with a DVR to record that video (and audio, too if needed!) for playback at a later time. With Zepco’s experience installing video/audio products in fleets, we are now offering “fixed” CCTV video/audio systems for monitoring buildings and other facilities. Zepco is licensed by the Texas Department of Public Safety under alarm license #B14881


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